Shift the way you kickstart Design Systems
More structure, less visuals. Meet a barebones design system that lets you be the designer.
Built for real-life use
(not for Dribbble shots)

We've seen and bought a lot of UI kits and Design System Starters on the web. And, even though they look great, they also tend to fail to deliver the flexibility and tidiness our daily workflows require.

So we heard designers from around the world and re-thought Design System starters.

This new Shift is the starting point of your professional projects, inspired by industry-standard libraries such as and Carbon Design System.

We've decided to ditch flashy visuals and build a file structure that boosts the workflow of real, world-class designers like you.

Auto-Layout ftw

Figma's Auto-Layout was one of the biggest buzzes on the design community in 2020. And that happened for a reason; it's incredibly powerful and bridges the gap between design and code. We've prioritized using it in all UI components and documentation elements, making sure they are consistent, scalable, and responsive in any situation you'd use them.

Here's what you get
TLDR; lifetime updates 🎆
  • Design System starter in a Figma file
  • Documentation components
  • Use as many times as you want <3
  • Lifetime future updates

    A Design System starter that's always up-to-date with Figma? Yes, please! We guarantee at least 1 update per quarter until the end of 2021. Then, sporadic updates based on Figma updates.

Seeing is believing
Still skeptical? Play around with the actual Figma file before you buy it!
Some things you can only find in Shift
Source components
To reduce the amount of time you’ll spend on adapting components we introduced source components. All of their properties will mirror in the actual states you’ll use in your designs.
Documentation blocks
A design system is more than a UI library -- it is a place where guidelines and principles are clear to the whole team. Use our template documentation blocks to build beautiful, cohesive docs.
Plugin recommendations
You've included a list of contextual plugins that go well with Shift. Go the extra mile and add your own plugin recommendations to coalesce your team's workflow.